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The world's top longboarders appear; Malibu Day2 California Vlog 2 

Today is the second day in California, and also the second day of practice in Malibu.

Since it is Sunday and many people playing on the beach, and the beach was lively.

Reunion after a long time

Yesterday, I didn't see many world tour surfers because I was only in the water for a short time in the evening, but today I went to the sea during the daytime, so I saw many of them.

Though we hadn't seen each other for a long time, I felt like we were surfing together yesterday.

One of the joys of competitions is that people who live far away and cannot see each other get together in the same place and surf together.

Good news of the day.

The board I ordered for this tour has arrived!

It is a "real" traditional board with 50/50 rails from BlackRose.

This is my second BlackRose board.

I asked them to make a new board lighter than the former one in order for me to control it easier.

Of course I immediately rode it for the first time and it is easier to control as I expected because of the upgrade.

Check out my surfing with the board on my YouTube channel! 

And don't miss out to watch surfing by the world's top longboarders, too! ⇩

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