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Surfing Competition held in July

Long time no see!

How have you been?

Hope everything is going well with you.

Most of the WSL (World Surf League) and JPSA (Japan Pro Surfing Associaiton) competitions have been cancelled, but when the COVID-19 momentum died down for a while last month, there was one surfing competition held in Japan.
So, my two sisters and I joined it.

That competition is 'Marabor Royal KJ Cup', which has been going on for over 50 years. 
We competed in a mixed pro-am vintage longboard class and a SUP surfing class.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, body temperature was tested and hands were disinfected before entering the event site.

The longboard class and the SUP surfing class were held at both ends of a large venue. 
Therfore so we had to dash back and forth across about 500 meters on the sandy beach many times.

In addition, a strong onshore came on and the wave condition got junk, so in SUP surfing we struggled even with standing on the board all the way through.

As for longboarding, we had to ride a heavy vintage board, and we had a hard time to move the board.

We felt as if we had had a cramp in our legs.

Due to such bad situations, I didn't do as well as usual, so I couldn't make good performances.

As a result, I was in forth place in SUP surfing, and in third in longboarding.

However, I made some good performances.

For example;

switching the paddle and cut back 

cross-foot turn

hangten to sole arch


My sister, Kaede

My youngest sister, Sakura, couldn't carry the board by herself because it was too heavy for her, so I helped her.

Beach-cleaning was involved in this event.
Both athelets and the audience did it inspite of the bad weather.

With my sisters

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