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Once I brought only longboards and not any shortboards, as I went to join only a longboard competition. I didin't think I would need a shortboard. 

BUT! There came in suitable waves for a shortboard while practicing.

What a pity I missed such good waves! I should have brought at least one shortboard.

After that, I never forget to bring at least one shortboard with me whenever and wherever I go, even when I only participate in a longboard competition.

Therefore, I brought a shortboard along last August when I went to Plaia de Pantin, Galicia, Spain. 
I only took part in a longboard competition at that time, so actually I didn't need to bring a shortboard.

It was a good decision. It worked out all right.

I could enjoy not only longboarding but also shortboarding on good waves there.

Air reverse in freesurfing in Plaia de Pantin, Galicia, Spain in 2019.

(board:WI Surfboards ・pic by @andrewcarruthersphotography)

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