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Practicing noseriding on the land using a foam roller

Today I would like to give you a supplemental explanation of the HOW TO video on my YouTube channel.

“How to practice noseriding on the land using a foam roller”

The key to success of noseriding is in these two points;

1. Relax your shoulders and knees.
2. Keep your body axis.

1. Relax your shoulders and knees

When you're trying to balance, you are more likely to put unnecessary strain on yourself, especially on your shoulders and knees.

It works on land, but it doesn't on a moving wave.
If you want to succeed in walking on a moving wave, you need to relax so that you can adjust to the movement of the wave.

Have you ever heard the proverb ''A reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall.” ?

It's a bit like that.

A reed snaps with the wind, so it can balance itself in the wind and won't fall down.

On the other hand, an oak stands stiffly and isn't blown off by the wind, but it takes a lot of strain and will snap off in the end.

First, create an image of "relaxed shoulders and knees", and then, try to learn to do it.

Just thinking about 'relax' is enough; eventually, you will be able to get it.

2.Keep your body axis straight

Imagine a straight stick going through your body, from your head to the middle of your toes, like skewered meat at BBQ party.

If you can't do that, you'll lose your balance and fall off the board.

When you walk, the body axis should intersect perpendicularly with the center line of the roller (i.e. the stringer of the board).

You need to stick the skewered meat into the roller!

Then you can stand straight on the roller .

You feel like you're swinging because you lose the balance, but it's not.

You lose the balance because you are swinging.

Therefore, if you want to keep your balance, you should keep your body axis straight.


There is some other advice in the video;not spreading your hands out.

However, you don't have to worry about it too much at first.

In the first place, you need to learn how to balance, so it's okay to open your hands to get balance yourself as you walk, as it's easier to keep the balance.

As you improve, you should also pay attention to your hands.

Then you'll be better off.


Walking on a foam roller is quite difficult.

At first, you won't be able to walk well and will probably fall off the roller.

Be careful not to injure yourself.

My suggestions not to be injured;

1.Putting a roller near the wall and walking with your hands on the wall.

2.Put down a cushioning material around the roller.

I think it is safer, more secure, and easier to work with the roller.


There are two main points for successful noseriding.

1. relax your shoulders and knees

2. keep your body axis.

Good luck with your practice, keeping these two things in mind and being careful to avoid injury.

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