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Mason Ho appears in Japan!?[Taka Inoue Challenge Series #11】YouTube

I'm sure you well know Mason Ho.

He is a professional surfer from Hawaii, and is famous for his high surfing ability.

He has been frequently dubbed "The World's Most Entertaining Surfer".

Here he comes to Japan!?

...No, sorry to say it wasn't he.

But it was Taka, a Japanese Mason Ho!

I remember the first time I watched one of his videos.

His surfing through the rocks surprised me very much as I had never seen such surfing before.

But at the same time I remembered the reef break near my house and I thought I could do that kind of surfing there.

It was thought of as impossible to surf at the spot because of the rocks, but I got to know that was wrong and just a misguided belief.

Once I realized so, I wanted to try surfing there.

Since then I've been waiting for the time when waves come in to the spot.

Unfortunately, the spot doesn't usually have waves good enough to surf, while I've been waiting for the time when waves come in to the spot since then.

And the time had finally come!

You can check out my riding on my YouTube channel.

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