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How to paddle twice as fast as you can now. (Shortboarding)

Today I would like to give a supplementary explanation of the HOW TO video on my YouTube channel.

“How to paddle twice as fast as you can now. (Shortboarding)”

In shortboarding, the basics are the same as in the previous video "How to paddle twice as fast as you can now(Longboarding)".

In the video, I explain an efficient paddling method, which is an important idea in paddling, so even if you are a shortboarder, please take a look at this video if you haven't yet.

Click here for a supplementary explanation in writing.

⇒How to paddle twice as fast as you can now. (Longboarding)


Use different paddles!

Explained in the longboarding video,

(1)paddling for getting-out.

(2)paddling for taking-off

It is much harder to catch a wave when you ride on a shortboard than when on a longboard.

So, when you ride on a shortboard, you have to put more energy into paddling than you do on a longboard.

In order to do that, you need to save your energy more than you do on a longboard, by using this efficient paddling method.

(1) When getting-out

Paddle with relaxed and big-movement.

(2) When taking-off

Paddle as hard as you can.

This is where you have to use the energy you've saved by paddling for getting-out.

Got it?

Then, let's move on to the next step.

How to paddle in shortboarding

(1) Lie down so that your chest is in the middle of the board.

The balance is such that the nose may or may not come out of the water.

*As a rule of thumb, your arm should be slightly bent when you get on the board and put your hand on the nose of the board.

(2) Plunge your hand into the water at the side of the nose.

(3) Paddle, keeping your elbows out of the water. ← This is important!

*Reason* If your upper arms get submerged, you'll lose your balance.

(4) Extend your legs together with a little force.

(5) Don't put your chin on the board (for beginners).
←This is important to avoid pearling.

Even if you avoid pearling, you'll miss the good timing of taking-off.

So simple, isn't it?


"Use two different types of paddling for a less tiring and more efficient paddling."

The basics are the same for shortboarding as for longboarding.

Your paddling will be improved in proportion to the distance and time you spend paddling.

Make an image out of this video and good luck!

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