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Going up to the river

In our area, it's been so hot that I feel like surfing more than usual, but unfortunately the waves are too small to surf.
So I decided to go to the river instead of going to the sea.

In this area, the mountains are close to the sea, and we can enjoy both the sea and the mountain easily.

It's so hot that you'll have a headache if you stay at the beach, but once you go into the mountain, the sun is blocked out and you won't have a headache any more.

It is quite cool.

And if you jump into the river flowing through the forest, the cold water will cool you down and make you feel comfortable.

However, the water temperature in the upstream of the river, where the trees block the sunshine, is quite low, and if you say it's good to be cooled down in the water at first, you will soon say you couldn't stand it any more!

I remember I had a stomachache many times because my body cooled off too much in the water when I was little.

I was so busy playing that I would stay in the water too long without realizing my body cooled off too much.

Bitter memories!

I bet some of you have the same memory!

Now I'm wiser and I'm careful enough not to stay in the cold water so long, then I don't have a stomachache.(lol)

This is a pool made by an artificial dam, but we can't see any artificial buildings other than that, so we can  enjoy nature fully.

There's enough area to swim and jmp in from above, so I don't have any complaints about this place as a playing spot.

When you're in the water, the fish start pecking at your feet and tickle you, as a man rarely come and fish won't be afraid of a man.

Next time, I'll come here with fishing rods and I'll fish!

It wasn't a very long time, but I enjoyed very much!

I'll be releasing a video of this time on my youtube channel later.

Wait for it!

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