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Going to California for 2021 World Tour

The WSL World Longboard Tour, which was suspended due to the coronavirus, resumed last year.
One was held at Surf Ranch and the other in Malibu, which is also famous in Japan as the "holy place for longboarding".

I have been to California once in 2019.
It was when I was invited to a competition of another World Longboard Tour called Relik.
Unfortunately my stay was too short to go to Malibu at that time, so this was my first time surfing in Malibu.
As a longboarder, I had longed for the iconic break of Malibu, so when I found out that one of the venues for the competitions was Malibu, I cried out with joy.

I will be posting videos taken during the tour on my YouTube channel from now on.
Not only my riding during the competition, but also practice sessions with other competitors and interviews with them were filmed.
I made the video so that you the viewers can experience the World Longboard Tour with us.

So take a look at them.

I'm hoping to write articles here to supplement the video, so be sure to check back here, too!

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