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Do you know that APP (Association of Paddlesurf Professionals) is currently running a video contest called 'Ride of the Season' on Instagram?

Most surfing competitions were cancelled due to COVID-19 this year.

Instead, we have some video contests recently.
'Ride of the Season' is one of them.

A lot of world-class SUPsurfing paddlers are participating in it, and you'll get to see some top-notch riding, so don't fotget to check them out.

If you pay attention to speed and dynamism, you can discover another interesting aspect different from shortboarding.

My sisters and I are joining the contest.

The videos we submitted are below.

Click the images and give them 'like' !

This is me.

This is my sister, Kaede.

This is my youngest sister, Sakukra.

A few days ago, APP made an article about us.

You will find out our surfing activities.


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