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Long time no flight

Walking through the airport with a large board case on a cart makes me realize that I am on an overseas expedition.

After completing the departure formalities and sitting on the plane, I can relax for a while.

I had been busy for a while, so it was a relief to finally have some time to relax.

I'm always impressed by the view from the sky, and I watch an interesting movie.

I don't mind the long flight too much.

Jet lag doesn't matter

I was a little dizzy and jet-lagged after my first long flight in a while, but I headed to Malibu on arriving.

I chose a flight that arrived early so that I could practice on the day of arrival at Malibu.

We are always excited to visit a new place for the first time, and this time Malibu, which is famous even in Japan as 'the ideal surf spot for longboarding'.

You can imagine how excited I was.

Practice at First Point, Malibu, the venue for the competition

I understood why it is thought "the ideal surf spot for longboarding”.

The waves are clearly suited for longboarding.
You can stay on the nose the whole time, although you need to cut back in the middle of riding.
The waves are fast, but you feel like they are pushing you from behind.

I thought it would be good for noseriding but not so good for maneuvers since it is known as the " iconic break for longboard", but it was a good wave for modern maneuvers as well.

It was not too steep and not too massy, so it was suitable for drawing maneuvers utilizing the length of a longboard. It is better for horizontal maneuvers such as cutback than vertical maneuvers such as rip.

Anyway, I am happy I can ride a long ride because there are almost no long-rideable waves at my home break.
The one thing I'm annoyed at was there were too many people and 5 or 6 people were trying to ride one wave.

I had a hard time catching a wave.


I never thought that I would be able to come so soon to Malibu, the iconic break, which I had hoped to visit someday.
Glad I got to ride such ideal waves!
If you are a longboarder, try to visit Malibu.

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