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Announcing the results of the APP video contest!

The SUP surfing video contest, which ran until the end of August, has come to an end.

cf. takainoue.mli.st/p/give-like-to⁠…

This virtual competition was held in this way;
In the shortboard category, the top five surfers with the most "Like!” will move on to the next stage, judging by professional judges.

The winners of this virtual competition (one man and one woman) will get a ticket to the final.

My two sisters and I were chosen among the 5 surfers, to proceed to the judging by professional judges, where the elder sister Kaede and I got the first place and will be able to compete in the final against the pros.

My youngest sister, Sakura, also did very well, ended up in taking 3rd place.

The finals will be held in Hawaii next February. 
I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, so I'm excited. 
I just hope the tough situation regarding COVID-19 will end sooner.

In the longboard category, the winner was to be awarded a prize. 
Thank God I came in first place and was awarded a paddle.

My sister Kaede came in first among women and will be awarded the prize as well.

Thank you for your support!
All of these is thanks to your support.

I hope that your involvement in this video contest helped you to learn about SUP surfing and you'll continue to take an interest in it.

I will send out information about SUP surfing including the final of this video contest, so visit us again!

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